Everest Base Camp Trek: A Complete Guide 2023 Best Info

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Everest Base Camp Trek: A Complete Guide 2023 Best Info. There is no confusion between the tour into Everest Base Camp and the mountain summit expedition. Mount Everest and Everest Base Camp are naturally located approximately in the same location geographically.

But the base camp of Everest Base Camp, and everything, is on the other side of the mountain, up to 8,848 m. It is at 5,380 meters above sea level at (slightly) a more manageable altitude. Hiking is much easier than summiting in the Everest region.

Everest Base Camp Trek: A Complete Guide

A walk to Base Camp starts in the town of Lukla in Nepal’s Solukhumbu. Approximately 130 km from there, a return journey of 11 days. You do not have to be a serious mountaineer, but a good standard of fitness is essential.

You also need to wander through your blood enough to take an 11-day walk through Nepal to think “that sounds like a good idea,” which certainly is not the case for everyone on our beautiful little planet.

Everest Base Camp Trek: A Complete Guide 2023 Best Info

Where Is Everest Base Camp?

Everest Base Camp is only a term for describing any camp at Mount Everest base. Everything’s in the name, truly. More particularly, it is at that point that the climbers start their quest to the top of Mount Everest.

In April and May, mountaineers are probably waiting for the right time for their expedition to start in Everest Base Camp. The most popular times to ascend in mid-and late May. The aura of the highest peak in the world does not only go up to the top, however.

The Camp Trek of Everest Base is legendary in itself. Actually, on the other side of Mount Everest, there are two Everest Base Camps. South Base Camp is located in Nepal and is usually meant when it comes to “tour through the Base Camp in Everest.”

The Tibetan NorthSide Base Camp requires permission to be used by the Chinese government. This is above the permit that Tibet itself needs to visit.

The base camps are used by climbers who climb Mount Everest and use the Nepal base camps for the climbers who climb the slope to the southeast of Everest and the camp to the north of Nepal. The South Base Camp, in Nepal, will be our focus.

How Long Does It Take To Reach Everest Base Camp?

How long can I walk to the camp on Everest? We mentioned that it is a 15-day expedition to the Everest Base Camp. That begins with your arrival in Lukla, which usually comes from Kathmandu via a short flight. So, it should be remembered that it will take you more than 15 days to complete it in Nepal.

Now, let the day of the trek unpack. You want a reliable company and a guide who knows what they are doing to get the best out of the trip. Good guides will avoid doubling on themselves.

You will also know when to hike to avoid the big crowds. At 4410 meters in Dingboche, acclimatization, and exploration. This is an optional day for rest walks to Nagarjun Hill or the village of Chukung. Ama Dablam, Makalu, lakes, and glaciers are all overlooked.

How Difficult Is The Trek?

An average day of walking will take approximately six hours at Everest Base Camp. That depends, of course, on your speed. Although it is possible without mountaineering, the trek is no walk in the park.

The second day has a difficult ascent to Namche Bazaar and the fourth day could be difficult as you come near Tengboche Holy Ground. Still, you should not be able to complete a trek to Everest Base Camp, if you are fit enough and have the appropriate gearing and attitude.

This is not an especially technical ascent. Many trekkers are most concerned about the altitude and acclimatizing the journey. This is why most people who do not reach the Everest Base Camp must return early. Kala Patthar at 5550 meters is the highest point of the Everest Base Camp Trek.

Everest Base Camp itself is 5380 meters lower. This will obviously affect trekkers, as significantly less oxygen will be present in the air than in the beginning.

Best Time To Do The Trek

In fact, the best time for the trek to Everest Base Camp is typically the pre-monsoon period, apart from “when the photo above is there.” This will take place between January and May.

Trekking in the season after the monsoon from September to December is the other main alternative. Take it and – you have already worked on the detectives –

you are going to walk around in the monsoon which is not good. You will miss a lot of people on the trek to Everest Base if you travel in December, January, or February. Your route should be tailored to ensure you spend a lot of time in crowds.

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