Best Sports Shoes Under 500 In 2023 Are They Worth It?

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Best Sports Shoes Under 500 In 2023 Shoes For Men Under 500 is our today’s topic. it is quite acceptable to presume that you are not seeking for anything of high quality. You will endure a long period. If you’re seeking for the Best sports shoes under 500 rupees in India, look no further.

Best Sports Shoes Under 500 In 2022 Are They Worth It?

Sports shoes need a great deal of effort and study; otherwise, every shoe firm would be Nike, Puma, or Reebok. And because of their brand value and manufacturing costs, you won’t find Nike Best Sports Shoes Under 500$, Adidas shoes under $500, and so on.

Yet, for low-cost shoes, this is a gold mine. Many firms, especially Indian ones, strive their hardest to provide the best sports shoes under 500 rupees.

Best Sports Shoes Under 500$ And More

TRASE Runners in India

  • India’s BUCADIA sports shoe
  • Flavia women’s sports shoes in India for less than 500 rupees
  • India Asian Women’s Shoes
  • Women’s Sports Shoes Denill
  • ASIAN Men’s Mesh Sports Running Shoes
  • Bourge Men’s Sports Shoes Under 500

The following are the key drawbacks of the majority of shoes priced under $500 or more:

  • There is no cushion.
  • There is no nice gripping sole.
  • Not long-lasting enough for daily running or sports.

The most prevalent attribute of the best Sports Shoes Under 500 in India –

  • Sole made of EVA foam.
  • On top, there’s a mesh material.
  • Reviews of the Best Sports Shoes for Less Than $500

Men’s ASIAN Mesh Sports Running Shoes – Shoes For Men Under 500

Most of the time, Asian wonder action sports shoes or Running Shoes For Men Under 500 INR. It has certain essential characteristics. Always look up the most recent pricing online.

These sneakers include some eye-catching colors and a sporty style. I appreciated how the grip was composed of a comparable substance. This will be useful for going for a walk on a rainy day. This is not a waterproof shoe. So be cautious, as the sutures may come undone.

Despite the fact that this is one of the most durable but low-cost shoes in India under 500 rs.

Highlights include:

  • Upper layer mesh for ventilation.
  • Put on your shoes.
  • The inside is soft.
  • A firm grasp
  • Available in a variety of colors.


  • It is not waterproof.
  • Not suitable for strenuous exercise.

Under $500 Bourge Men’s Sports Shoes

Bourge makes a nice shoe with a slip-on function. The slip-on function is ideal for casual strolling or mild running. Because it will not tighten much, it is best not to use this shoe for sprints or intense running sessions.

For brisk walking or jogging, this may work. It also features a mesh material.

The Best Feature Is:

  • Slip on a shoe with a thick enough EVA sole.
  • Mesh is the upper material.


  • Not recommended for long-distance running or sprinting.
  • It is not waterproof.

TRASE Runners In India

In India, this is a shoe for moderate jogging with a breathable mesh outer covering. The sole is very lightweight and constructed of EVA foam. This sneaker under $500 has a trendy and sporty appearance.

And because it has laces, we won’t have any trouble fitting it.

Highlights Include:

  • Sporty and fashionable appearance.
  • Sole is light.
  • The inside of the shoe is soft and pleasant.
  • Breathable.


  • Not for hard or frequent running.
  • On wet days, it is possible to slide, and it is not waterproof.

Men’s Multicolor Running Sports BUCADIA India

The most designed sports shoe in this price range. The colors stand out on these sneakers, and the style is quite athletic.

The sole build of polyurethane, sometimes known as PU. This is a fantastic long-lasting sole material that is also lightweight and inexpensive.

The clasp is secure, so it fits well. And the grip on the floor/street is mediocre.

The Best Feature Is:


  • Not suitable for daily sprinting or running.
  • It’s ideal for brisk walks or jogging.

Women’s Flavia D.Grey/Pink Running Shoes – Shoes For Women Under 500

Flavia women’s shoes are close to ideal for women who enjoy jogging. It contains a cotton exterior layer. Which is naturally softer than other materials usually used in shoes.

It has some laces on top, but it is a slip-on shoe.

Slip-on shoes are convenient to wear but may not provide a proper fit.

The Best Feature Is:

  • Put it on.
  • The fabric is cotton.
  • Lightweight.


  • Not so grippy.
  • Material that is thin.

India Asian Women’s Shoes

This is a nice EVA foam sole shoe for ladies with a sporty appearance and a breathable mesh top.

The sole includes grip grooves but no padding, as do all other sneakers in this price bracket.

This is suitable for light jogging and long walks, but not for full-speed running.

You may try this for the gym, but make sure it has a flat sole.

Highlights Include:

  • Lightweight.
  • Excellent for walks.
  • On top, there is a breathable mesh material.


  • It is not waterproof.
  • It is not anti-skid.
  • Inability to run with a strong grip.

Women’s Sports Shoes Denill

This is a slip-on shoe with an EVA sole.

This shoe is light and comfortable, with a soft top material. The EVA foam sole provides some traction, it is not suitable for wet days. It may slide, but it is ideal for long walks or short runs.

It has a cushion, but it is not suitable for long-distance running.

Top Characteristics:

  • Wearability.
  • Mesh that breathes.
  • The EVA sole is light.


  • A soft substance that can not withstand hard usage.
  • It is not waterproof.

The Best Sports Shoes Under $500 Buying Guide – Best Shoes Under 500

To begin, I’d like to point out that these sneakers, which cost less than 500 INR, are not designed for athletic use. They are suitable as casual shoes, as well as running or walking shoes. If you try to overdo it with these shoes, they will not last long.


Because this is a budget-conscious category. This price is the primary consideration when selecting the best sports shoes under 500 INR.

If you shop around, you should be able to get under 600-700 INR shoes for under 500 INR.


The majority of the soles of shoes in this price range will be built of EVA. EVA foam is a soft substance that provides some padding for your feet. But the grooves underneath disappear after a few uses. There are also PU soles, which are more durable and environmentally friendly.


Make sure you have the finest grip possible. The more grooves there are, the more likely it is to stay for a longer period of time. If you want to wear these shoes outside, this should be a top consideration.

Upper Material:

Some shoes have a whole plastic upper material. Some have a partial mesh material. And some have full cotton or full mesh-like material as an upper. Each has perks and cons.

The complete cotton, full mesh top will be more comfortable and breathable than the others. It will be less durable. At least wrapped in plastic or anything similar will be awesome and sturdy. But it is not breathable.

Breathability should sequence for long-term use or in hot weather. It is also necessary for persons with sweaty feet. Full mesh or cotton shoes are the most durable. They are not suitable for harsh weather or heavy handling.


The most durable shoes are those constructed of quite coated foam. If you intend to make the most of these 500 INR shoes. You might consider getting the full-coverage version. These will be less breathable but more sturdy.


Soft insides are necessary. if the shoes are too tired for extended periods of time. Some sports shoes do not have protection on the side or heel, which might cause scrapes or blisters.

How To Care For Your Sports Shoes Under 500$

You must clean and maintain these shoes quite well to use them for many years. To clean, use a standard cloth washing powder, and a rinse. You may also utilize the sun’s rays to dry the shoe. If the shoe stinks, a spoonful of boric acid will help.

Aside from that, don’t overdo it with these sneakers or they’ll fall apart. This means you don’t perform frequent jumps, long runs, or mountain walks. These are low-cost sports shoes that are best suited for casual walking or light jogging.

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